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Kate Harmon

a.k.a. Feathers

is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter who ranges in rock, metal, blues, jazz, and commercial voice. She combines her classical technique, breath work, and storytelling to her singing performance to produce an authentic and unique experience. She has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, Classic Rock Magazine, and the Maryland Doom Fest. 

She also teaches singing, guitar, yoga, and dabbles in creative management. Explore the site to learn more!



Old Blood is the psychedelic acid doom circus that made it's debut in 2016. Hard rock with blues influence. 


Lairs is the project created by Kate and Adam Macias. A collection of lyrics and melodies formed from two lovers. Pop and rock influence. 

Couch Party

Couch Party is the band formed by Kate and Genevieve Eckel in high school. A genre bending album, this has rock, jazz, blues, indie and pop influences.

"[Her] commanding clean vocals of vocalist Feathers, whose jazz- and blues-influenced stylings soar"

-Dan Epstein, Rolling Stone

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