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I love to sing. As long as I can remember I have been singing. I have always felt a powerful connection to music and lyrics. Growing up I had deep appreciation for literature and started writing at a very young age. This was sometimes in the form of a children's book, a poem, and then later in life... lyrics set to music.


My first band was COUCH PARTY that I created with my best friend. We would spend hours fiddling with fun catchy hooks down at the beach or at each other's homes. It wasn't until we graduated high school that we played gigs at legitimate venues. Although it feels like a lifetime ago, I believe these songs stand the test of time because they came from a very authentic place for both my friend and I. This was a very valuable lesson I learned quickly, as fans of the band started to sing along. I realized the power and impact a song can actually have. 

I dabbled in a few other projects and picked up guitar playing along the way. I started live streaming a show where I played music with some original songs I wrote. I created a project called LAIRS with my husband and played guitar and bass onstage, performing songs we wrote together.


Then there was OLD BLOOD. We played heavy music that I never even attempted to sing to before, let alone write lyrics.  We created a self-titled debut album and it hit the ground running. We got traction by local venues, our loyal fans, and eventually high end publications such as Rolling Stone. We toured nationally, ultimately playing the Maryland DoomFest. 

I loved the music and the underground scene, and as much as I love metal, my roots are rock and blues and I was ready to dabble in some other genres. And other passions such as yoga, dance and traveling. Shaping my craft from the purest form of inspiration... life itself. 

I just released my first single as a solo artist called "Tall Tales" where I did the music, lyrics, recording and producing. Be sure to check out the music video along with it, as I pulled together a very talented crew to help it come to life. And it shows. 

So now here we are. Thank you for being a part of my journey and who knows what will happen next.


Stay Tuned!

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